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E D Education Consultants is a London based Education consulting company. We work with consultants from highly respected universities and private companies in the UK and the USA to supply world class educational material, consultancy and training to primary,high schools, universities as well as vocational training. We provide pre-designed as well as custom design online courses and services in many subject areas including languages, business, finance, teacher training, internal institutional procedures.


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Our TESOL courses vary in purpose and duration. We offer short courses that focus and practical modern teaching methods in the classrooms. You may also wish to try one of our certificate courses (60 credits), diploma (120 credits) or master degree programmes that focus not only on methodology but also on the theory and is a great step for those who wish to focus on research in language learning. Our courses are flexible and is conducted through a reputable university in the UK. We offer 100% online courses, blended courses with professors visiting for lectures and tutorial and face to face class here in the UK.


The business training programme offers students and business professionals the chance to study a short course in various areas of business in and around the city of London. The focus of the certificate training varies and include courses such as finance, banking, international trade, law and many other relevant topics to businesses and students. The courses are taught at a number of reputable universities in and around London. We offer Certificate courses (60 credits), diploma courses (120 credits) and master degree courses (180 credits) from highly rated UK universities. These courses can be done via the online, blended or face to face in the UK.


In addition to our high quality and fun language courses we also offer combination summer camps where the focus is not only on language but also sports. Our sports programmes are centered around football and fitness. The sports programme is managed by Premier League club trainers and Championship League trainers. These programmes are proven to improve football skills and fitness as well as improve language learning.


E D Education Consultants can provide academic support for high school and university science classes by assisting in the development of curriculum, provision of books and online materials such as online platforms, video lectures, practice exams etc. We provide laboratory equipment for all the science. We can adopt the curriculum to fit local needs and train teachers as well. Contact us today so for consult and let’s work together.

Teacher Training

The teacher training programme on offer by E D Education Consultants is very flexible in order to fit the needs of the clients. We have general coaching and institutional standard training supplemented with a career development planning. We also offer internationally recognized certificate (60 credits), diplomas (120 credits) and master degree (180 credits) from highly rated UK universities with internationally recognized certificate, diploma and degrees. The mode of teaching is very flexible as well, we offer online with or without professor visits, blended as well course taught face to face complete in the UK..

Professional Development

We offer Professional development programmes for teachers, school staff and head teachers. This will ensure long term development, improved performance and moral in the schools and institutes among staff and students. We can provide and institution continuing development program or individual programmes..